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Ultegra jockey wheels
Hi all, in need of some guidance if anyone can help. I bought a second hand ultegra 6600 rear mech, in great condition however the jockey wheels needed replacing. I bought a set of ultegra ceramic jockeys and fitted them as per normal, however the jockeys do not spin freely in the mech, in fact the top jockey won't spin 180* when pushed. I have never had ceramics before and was not sure if this was normal. I tightened the nuts on the jockeys hand tight and thought initially I had overtightened them. If I loosen them slightly the wheels spin a little better but the nuts are loose and am worried they will work out of the mech.
Are the jockeys ment to be stiff or am I missing something.
Just to add, I have not applied any sort of lube or oil to them as I thought they should be good to go from the pack.

what did the package say about lubrication?

also take a look at Shimano's tech docs.
(06-02-2013, 10:13 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  what did the package say about lubrication?

also take a look at Shimano's tech docs.

Hi, thanks for the reply. there were no instructions on the shimano package relating to installation and tech docs don't say anything either.
Tried googling it but nothing Sad
I have exactly the same issue. Bought a new pair of shimano jockey wheels from Wiggle to replace my worn-out dura-ace ones. The new ones are labelled Ultegra and the G-pulley is very stiff. No instructions included.
I would like to see some close up pics of each pulley and each side of each.
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