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Handlebar grips won't go small enough for handle bar.
I just got "KLOUD ® Black gel comfort and anti-slip soft bike" handlebar grips for my girlfriend's bike and I was wondering if there are any legitimate methods for making the grips fit any better. They are completely loose even when both Allen bolts are tightened all the way. I had this problem with the old grips that were on it and I just layered the handlebars with duct tape and that worked for a while but had to be re-done every now and again. Is there a way for me to fix this looseness with something a little more professional than duct tape?
For "professional" shims, use strips of metal cut from a beer or soda can. They are actually made of very thin, high quality aluminum and make great shims.
Shims under grips?? Maybe the grips should be smaller. I always had to huff and puff to get my grips on.

IMO if you must, tape is better............
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(07-01-2013, 02:37 AM)GeorgeET Wrote:  IMO if you must, tape is better............

For normal grips, I think you're right. But I think these have clamp bolts that tighten on the bar so a shim might work better.

Also, nothing like hairspray for grips that are just a little loose. Helps them slide on, but then acts like a weak glue to hold them in place.
Yeh , I see , they say make sure handlebar diameter is appropriate. Guess they come in one size only. I'd send them back and get something that fits. You do not want the grips coming off when you are riding.

I suppose a shim would work but the grips would still not be in tight contact with bars, just the screw.

Man even a simple thing like grips is getting over complicated.

Yeh hairspray has also been used for mounting motorcycle grips. Grips I use are tight , I just lubricate insides with some rubbing alcohol and work quickly before it evaporates.

On my bicycle I use soft handlebar tape, the others have tight grips.
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Well I didn't even know that shims existed to begin with (I'm brand spankin new at bike building) so I Googled what kind I should get. All of the shims only went as small as 22.2mm and my handlebar is smaller than that. I even went up to the local bike shop and asked the guy there and he said he had never seen bike handles this small before and he never recommends using shims. I guess I'm just going to return them and try and find some that are skinny enough but what do I look for if mine are smaller than 22.2mm?
The only shims I am aware off are for use in the steering head when using a smaller diameter handlebar.

Sounds like you have the 7/8" grips.

Here is some info in alphabetical order.....
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