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Odd rubbing/creaking noise
Hi all
When I stand up on the bike to pedal there is an odd noise which appears to come from the front fork area. It is when I press down hard on the handlebars. It sounds like something is rubbing against something else but I can't determine what. The wheel is true so it is not a brake issue. The bearings look OK too. Any ideas?
Thanks Matt
The front wheel could be flexing enough that your brake pad is hitting the rim. If so, you may want to have the wheel checked for loose/under-tensioned spokes. Handlebars and stems can also make a lot of sounds under stress, but they tend to be creaking/crackling sounds.

suspension fork?
you wrote that "the bearings look[ed] good", so there is no side-to-side play?
How much tyre clearance do you have under the fork crown? On my cyclocross-turned roadbike there is not much space, so when mounting anything larger than a 33mm tyre I get some rubbing when pressing down: The bottom of the tyre gets flatter, the air is displaced to the rest of it and makes it more plump, thicker, leading to rubbing...
That's a great response thank you. I will look into both those and report back!

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