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Tube not sitting right in tire.

Tube is folding within itself.
Tube: 26 x 1.5-1.95; Tire: 26 x 1.5

Is this a problem? Or will inflating it, solve the problem?
All I can do is share my method.

1. slightly inflate the tube - just enough to get the kinks out.
2. place liner in tire (I used Stop Flats 2 liners).
3. put tube in tire, to hold liner in place.
4. adjust things so that everything is sitting nicely - no kinks, liner on tread side, not side walls, valve pointing in the right direction, etc.
5. put valve stem through hole in rim, and one tire bead into the rim next to the valve.
6. starting from the valve stem, working in both directions at the same time, get one tire bead into the rim all the way around - ending opposite from the valve stem.
7. re-check everything is sitting nicely.
8. put the other bead into the rim, starting at the valve stem.
9. work in both directions away from the valve stem, letting out a little air if needed., ending opposite the valve stem.

NOTE: no tools.

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