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Buying 2nd Wheelset - Advice wanted
Hey Wink

So, I ride a cross bike with cross tires which don't work or last very well on the indoor trainer. Although it's been great practice changing to a road tire each time I want to use the trainer, I'm seriously considering buying a second wheelset so that I can just pop a different rear wheel on. It'd also be great to use road tires during the week when I'm commuting and have the cross tires for the weekend when my riding gets a bit more adventurous.

Anyway, I'm not sure what I should be looking for with wheel specs other than that it's compatible with my cassette. Obviously I'm doing this to save time, so I don't want to have to adjust the brake and/or RD every time I change wheels. Also, even though I will be using the new set on the road mainly, I want to be able to put my 35mm cross tires on them if need be in the future.

My current set are Fulcrum Racing 7's, I have a 10-speed cassette (Ultegra) and my budget is $200. I'd probably be best off just buying another set of those... But I wanted to ask here first to see if I could save some money. The Vuelta ZeroLite Road Comp set on Amazon looks good and is a bit cheaper, but I haven't been able to tell if they'll do from what I could find online.

If you want to guarantee not having to adjust the RD, you'll need to tweak the position of the cassette on the hub to match your current wheels within 50 microns - tighter tolerance than even the Fulcrum wheels you have are made to. If you can stand a little bit of noise, or an 1/8 turn of the adjuster, almost any wheels will be okay.

The wheels you picked: seem fine; you could contact Vuelta to confirm that the inner rim width to insure that a 35mm tire would fit.
Alright, thanks for the heads up. I should be able to deal with making the adjustments since RD isn't too bad. All the tire changing has made me very grateful that I don't get flats, though.

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