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Cycling shoes
I have started looking for some size 10 wide riding shoes and have gotten some conflicting info, one shop told me that width does not matter that much and all I need to do is to get one a size larger. When I get the time I going to a larger LBS, but thought I run it by the group here first.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
There's some wide shoes, especially road from different companies (Specialized, Sidi, etc)

If you're looking for a size 10, get one... one size larger could be too long, and causing movement of your foot inside the shoe, causing disconfort and possibly blisters...

Good luck!
Thanks bob, going to start calling some larger LBS down in St. Louis, Mo today and talk to them.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Definitely get shoes that fit. The feet are one of the contact points (together with saddle and handle bars) and those have to be comfortable!
I have wide forefeet (I was told "flippers" once when buying hinking shoes...), so I share your pain. I just bought a pair of Shimano road cycling shoes, they fit. I also have a pair of "Specialized Defroster" and some Scott MTB shoes. Buying shoes is bad enough, but getting cycling shoes that fit is frustrating and a major pain in the behind.
Good luck!

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