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Cross thread
Hi, just bought a road bike second hand and needed to change the pedals as I don't have the clip in shoes. I can't for the life of get the right Hand pedal out assume the threads have crossed. S tbeasy to resolve I assume a bike shop can drill out but worried it will damage the existing threads.
You may be turning it the wrong way. Note that the pedal on the left side has reverse threads and the right pedal has normal threads. So they unscrew in opposite directions.

Beyond that, it's not too uncommon for pedals to get a little stuck. Some rust breaker on the threads may help. But you may just need some more leverage (breaker bar). But make sure y're going the right direction of course.
(08-11-2013, 02:07 PM)Forrest1995 Wrote:  I can't for the life of get the right Hand pedal out
Yeah, what he said, pretend you are tightening it. Also, when you put the new pedals on, grease the threads a bit so they will come off with little effort in the future.

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