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New chain, chain slips in certain gears??
Hey Guys,
Replaced the chain on the old Mongoose Sycamore and everything seemed to be working fine on the bike rack, but when I took it out for a test ride it seems to be slipping a tooth or something when I shift to the smaller cassette gears(only does this when I crank down harder on the pedals). I measured the chain and put the exact length back on. The chain that was on it was worn to the 1.0 limit on the chainwear cheaker, but the cassette teeth and the chainwheel teeth looked fine.
I have a GT Talera that I did the same thing with and it is doing the same thing.
What's happening here??
Both bikes have been cleaned up and completely relubed.
Also, I replaced the chains with the Bell multispeed chains from my local Walmart.
I would bet that the cassette teeth are worn, especially given that the chains were are the limits.

Take a look at the 2nd picture:
I'll take a closer look(with my glasses on). I'll bet you are right on.
So, with the chain gauge, when should I replace the chain?... at .75 or 1.0 to keep from wearing the cassettes and chainwheels??
Well, as soon as there is wear on the chain the sprockets and chainrings will also start to be worn. You can prolong their life if you replace regularly. I replace the chain when the Rohloff Caliber aluminium side drops in but the steel side still is out side. I don't have it with me, but I think it is between .75 and 1.0mm. So for this seems to work. I am now on the third chain on my road bike and it still shifts and rides well. I don't have an overview over how long the chains lasted, so I cannot say if theire life time is now shorter.
Awesome !!!...
Thanks !!!!!!!!
Hey Guys,
I've got a question:
Why didn't the old chain that I replaced on these bikes slip like the new one is doing, even though the freewheel is most likely worn, which is why the new chain is slipping on the old freewheel, but not slipping with the old chain??
The old (worn) chain did better match the worn sprockets.

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