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Hi all, I have had my bike for just over a year, not a real expensive one as it's my first, but when I took my bike out the last time and would pedal all of a sudden the pedals continue to move but there is no forward propulsion on the bike. I have checked and the chain stays on, but nothing happens. And then it will work for a couple of feet and then nothing again. Would like to know what you might think this is and if it's worth fixing or just getting a new bike.

Describe the bike, pictures of the rear gears would help. Typically the pawls inside a freewheel being gummed up will do that. You get suddenly almost ZERO resistance when you pedal, so it's the same resistance pedaling forwards or backwards?
Take the back wheel off, look at the freewheel, spin it. Insert oil (not WD 40) in the tiny gap between what spins & what doesn't. Break Free, 3in1 oil, Tru oil, something like that.
Or replace the freewheel, typically under $30 including the tool you need. We can tell you more when you post pics.
This is a one speed freewheel
[Image: 51luugdvdNL._SY445_.jpg]
This is a multi speed freewheel
[Image: 51IGWpUtjhL._SX342_.jpg]
put some newspaper under the freewheel to collect excess oil or you'll have a mess (& oil on a tire) in the morning.
It's a 21-speed mongoose mountain bike with a shimano gear system. I noticed it do this just after moving about 200 miles away and having the bike on the back of my car for a day or so in the rain. so the fact that it may need oil seems to make a lot of sense. I'm going to try that tonight if I can get the oil. Thanks
The little arms (pawls) that make the ratcheting sound when you spin the rear cogs can get gummed up or dried out. If the oil doesn't work don't sweat it, a new freewheel is cheap.

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