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Shimano Sora front derailleurs spring problem
Hi. My front gear is not shifting down when the press the shift button. After careful observation, I found that the spring in the front derailleurs has lost its support. I am using Shimano Sora. The spring is not pulling the derailleur anymore, and therefore I am not able to shift down the gear.

Below is the image of my front derailleur. You can see that a portion of the support has broken.

[Image: 20130911_211800.jpg]

And below is probably what it would look like if had the support. I just got it from the internet.

[Image: KGr_Hq_Z_qg_FHz4bem_GJBR9y_K_Wopw_60_3.jpg]

Any support on how to fix this spring would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.
There is no practical way to fix this. Buy a new derailleur.
A replacement Sora FD is in the $20 to $40 range. Replacement is your only choice, if you are budget constrained take a look at the 2300 (or if triple 2303) FD; which are fine FDs.
Thanks guys for your suggestions. I guess that left me no other choice but to buy a new FD.

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