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Chain skipping down chain rings
Hi All
I have just started home maintenance and have replaced both my rear cluster and chain. Now if I pedal backwards when in largest front and largest rear chain rings the chain will drop down to the second biggest rear chain ring. Whilst this isn't something I will often do I am concerned it is indicative I have done something wrong, like my chain is too long. Ultegra and Dura Ace mix drivetrain.
Any help would be appreciated.

I'm not super familiar with the latest high end drive trains. But I suspect this is not a problem. Being in both large chain rings is a gear you really want to avoid anyway. It is a middle range gear (high in front, low in back) that is better achieved by using your middle chainring. This is called 'cross chaining' and puts a lot of stress and extra wear on your drive train components.
It's possible your front derailleur adjustment is not perfect since I would normally expect it to prevent this. And if your chain is jumping around in other combinations, there may be a problem. But if only happens backpedaling in that combination, I doubt it's an issue.

Thanks Dave, appreciate the help.
I don't tend to ride cross chainring and also think its ok. Maybe it used to happen before and I just never noticed! I can't make it do the same thing in any other combination so I think I will just get on with riding.
Thanks again


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