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Just another "bike making noises" thread
Hi all. I just got back into cycling about 6 months ago, and very recently got a new bike that fits me better, both in size and riding style (Jamis Coda).

Upon taking the bike out for its first "workout," (just a 20 mile ride), for the last 5 miles or so, I noticed a slight popping sound when pedaling, and could slightly feel it. Being that it's a brand new bike, I took it back to the shop, where they took apart the rear derailleur and cassette, checked for loose cranks, put it back together, and said it quit doing it. Well, when I got back home, it's still doing it.

The noise happens while I'm pedaling, most prominently on the right, but slightly on the left too. When I have the bike stationary, press down on the left pedal, it pops, then when I turn the crank backwards and step on the right pedal, it pops. Turn crank backwards, left pedal pops, and so on.

Cranks are tight, pedals are good, but those things don't seem related, considering the above description.

As I said, it's not a loud pop, but more of a muted one. It doesn't seem to impact how it rides, but it's annoying, especially on a brand new bike. Any ideas are appreciated.
I've had this on both new and old bikes. The odd thing is you have already had it checked for the usul stuff causing it; either pedal, crank, crank-arms. Some times the crank has seemed all fine, but when opened, greased and tightened, it all became better. Maybe it's something transferred through the chain; anything from cogs, dereileur; hubs and axles? It still sounds like something in the crank though.
Did they tighten the bottom bracket? I would take it out, dab a bit of grease on the metal (not plastic) threaded parts, and put it back together, using a torque wrench to make sure everything is to spec.

Given that is it once per pedal rev, after crank and pedals, the bottom bracket is next on the list. But other things to look at are the headset, wheel bearings, and accessories that might move when you are applying force to the frame.

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