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First bike restore... pedal crank issue, see pics
[attachment=4547]CHAD BRIZENDINE <>

This is a vintage Raleigh Spirit which i found in a dumpster. The wheels were flat ( I thought they were junk but I guess they're in great almost new condition) the rear break mechanism was missing and the rear break wire was rus[attachment=4548][attachment=4549]ted off. I fix these things and I few other small things. I have the fenders which I have yet to install. My issue is with the pedals, which were loose. I tightened them but they worked loose and after doing this twice, the bolt on the right crank completely broke off with the nut and all

the pedals were loose, then yesterday when i restored the bike i tightened them up but they quickly work themselves loose again. Then, today, i tighten up those bolts again and one almost seemed striped, it probably was because I just noticed that it complately fell off, or not even worked itself off but the actually bolt broke off. you can see that the bolt doesnt even extend out of its hole, so i assume that the bolt has essentially broken in half. I don;'t know how to go about fixing this so any suggestions would be helpful
what is your budget and your intentions - restoration or reliable rider?

I always go with the reliable rider.

You have what are called cottered cranks. I would replace the crankset with cotterless.

Something like this:

and you also need a new BB like this:

and bolts
Does he mean there is a bolt in the crank where it meets the spindle, & that it's broken off inside the crank? So someone has put a nut & bolt where the pin should be in the crank arm?
just looks like the cotter pin is broken off - not uncommon. And a loose pin is also very bad - beats the BB axle round - been there, done that; not doing it again.

I'd use my angle grinder on it to get it apart so that I could put a modern BB and crankset on it.
I ask because he said he tightened the "bolts".
yeah, now BOTH of the bolts have broken off inside the crank arms. How do i get these off? Do i have to drill them out or what? I'm going to the Denver free bike shop on monday.
(10-13-2013, 11:09 PM)liveanimal Wrote:  yeah, now BOTH of the bolts have broken off inside the crank arms.
There are supposed to be tapered pins with a nut on one side where you say the broken bolts are. Look here.
If he's broke, he might have to knock or drill out/Easy out the offending parts & see it there are some good flats left on the spindle.
I would bet the flats are shot......

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