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Peugeot Yellow Bike saved from Scrap Yard
Here's another project have the the winter to work on. Get ready for spring.
Have some mechanic issues regarding swapping out both Front & rear Simplex 's for Suntour parts. Anyway should be ok for a quick ride around the hood new tires coming already bought the correct shift handle and getting a Spirt Front Derailur on eBay. Swapped out the rear with a Shimano Tourney from a Schwinn Caliente 10 speed. Should be ok. Time I have ! the budget is limited cause I have too damm many and keep finding them ! So try to fix them up, try them out before I decide to keep or sell.
This is an Allegra which is the model I suspect.Not sure.

Enjoy! its a 1970s oldie I think never had a Peugeot before.

you go Kid! thanks for sharing
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