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Tiagra Front derailleur snapping
Hi guys, I thought this was going to be a little less hassle than it is turning out to be. I replaced both STI levers on my bike to Tiagra 10 speed. RHS is working fine job complete. However the LHS shifter moves the chain sweetly up on to the large chain ring but when I try to move it back down, the shifter feels tight but it eventually snaps the chain back into the small chain ring. It's just not moving between rings smoothly. All cables inners and otters have been replaced.

What could be the issue?

Thanks in advance

Are your limit screw adjusted?? Too much tension in the cable??

Take a look at this site for help:
(11-15-2013, 04:36 PM)bobtravers Wrote:  Are your limit screw adjusted?? Too much tension in the cable??

Take a look at this site for help:

Thanks Bob, it was too much tension in the cable, I couldn't believe how little it needed.

My pleasure...

Pull the cable with 2 fingers, no tools needed, when you attach it to the front derailleur... Be sure that the shifter is in the lowest gear possible for front derailleur, and the highest on the rear one

Another way, if possible is to adjust tension with the shifter or barrel adjuster on your bike frame or barrel adjuster on the derailleur...

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