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The best written bike repair resources?
Hi everyone,

I'm undertaking a pretty important project for my college course on the use of specialised terminology - and I've decided to base it on (the parts and repair of) my beloved bike!

I must find very authoritative and established written resources that'll provide good information on the terms used when discussing bikes and their repair.

What do you guys consider these to be? I'd be interested in books, magazines, journals, websites, you name it. As the resources have to be as reliable as possible, books and respected journals would be preferred over websites.

I'm also trying to bridge the gap in my project between the different regional variations of English – I'll have to choose one term that represents greatest world usage. Therefore, if the resource you're recommending is, for example, very couched in US or BR English, please say so.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi Ryan:

Sheldon Brown.
I apologize Ryan, just not enough hours in the day and I have not had the time to write it as yet. Smile
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