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27x1 1/4 Wheel
My old 27x1 1/4 rim needs to be replaced as it is a steel rim without the hook and it will not hold the 90 PSI it needs to hold in the modern tires.

Are there any good rims out there that are cheap but will hold this pressure and look good? Also, I need new tires and tubes.

Also, I'll need help installing it (as in instructions on how to install it.) Every time I install a new tire/tube/etc. on the rear wheel it gets screwed up because of the gears and brakes.
First watch Alex's video "How to Remove and Install Your Wheels" listed above.

"Look good" is personal taste.

One of the best ISO630 rims generally available is the SUN CR18 Which in a well built wheel with clean brake pads will last tens of thousands of miles.

The Weinmann 219 rim is a fine rim, I have them on my World Tourist and have ridden thousands of miles with them. Again the most important thing is a well built wheel.

Either work fine with 100psi tires. My bikes with CR18 rims have 37mm wide tires, the World Tourist currently has a 28mm tire on the front and a 32mm on the rear. The 219 is actually one millimeter wider at 19mm inside than the CR18, which is 18mm inside.

If you are going to replace the tires anyway, I would switch to ISO622 (aka 700c); and Velocity Dyad rims. You will need to move your brake pads down (towards the center of the wheel) 4mm.

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