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Will a 10-speed cassette fit on my....?
Bought a '13 Giant Yukon GT and have in my head that a 10-speed cassette won't fit on this puppy. Read it somewhere but can't remember where. Thinking it said only up to 9-speed will fit this hub. Can anybody enlighten me before I order a new cassette, rear derailer and shifter.
8, 9 and 10 speed cassette are all the same width; so it will fit.

But why swap? Most likely, you will not be able to tell the difference.
(actually the 10sp needs a spacer ring, it is slightly narrower than 9spd, but yeah, 8/9/10 fit on the same hubs)
But: yeah, it will not really make that much sense to go to 10spd. I even know people (cyclocross racers) that are PO'd at Shimano for making Tiagra 10 speed in 2013. They greatly prefer 9spd because it works longer in the mud... and they race on Tiagra parts because they have no high level sponsors (age groupers, but successful ones) and don't like wrecking expensive STIs and rear dérailleurs...
Thanks for replies. Knew from playing around with 8-9 speed cassettes that different thickness spacers in between cogs made them come out the same but didn't know if 10 speeds were different. Plan was to get a 36 tooth cog in the end of the stack, which required a new rear derailer, so figured why not upgrade some stuff. Went with a 9speed SRAM X7 derailer,a X5 shifter and a Shimano Deore cassette 12-36 from which I will make a custom.

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