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Derailleur and crank compatible?
Just getting into bike repair and may have goofed...
I just installed an Ultegra 6603 triple crank and bottom bracket (with one spacer on the left) on my 9-speed 105 triple setup. I realize the crankset is for a 10 speed, but was told it would work if I fiddled with it.
I adjusted the front so I have all 9 gears in the big ring (52), but there's a lot of chain rub in the three highest gears in the middle ring (39) and in the three highest gears in the granny gear (30).
This isn't too bad in actual riding, but should it be possible to adjust this setup so I have more gears. I've been going back and forth with the H and L adjuster screws and indexing, and can't seem to make it better.
I am using am SRAM 9-speed chain and rear cassette (12-23) -- would a Shimano Ultegra cassette and 9-speed chain help?

Try adjusting the front derailleur so you get all 9 gears in the middle ring first. You should never be able to get all of the gears in the big or small front chainrings (usually just 3-4 of them). The H and L screws are just to keep the chain from falling off the largest or smallest front chainrings.
Here's how shifting works:
And here's some derailleur adjustment tips:
Hope that helps!

If I understand right, your chain is rubbing on the inner side of the large front chainring when you're in the middle and on the middle when you're in the small. If so, it may be that the crank set is closer to the frame than your 105 cranks were. It may be that your new bottom bracket has a shorter spindle (axle) than your old one. You mention putting a spacer "on the left". It may be that this spacer should go on the right (drive) side. This would move your crankset out away from the frame a little and should reduce the rubbing.
Alex is right - you don't want to ride big->big or small->small. But you should be able to get all gears from your middle chainring.

Thanks, Dave.
Actually, the chain is rubbing on the outer (right) side of the front derailleur cage when in the middle and small chainrings, three highest gears. I'm wondering if it's a limitation of the components -- 9-speed derailleur with a 10-speed crankset. Will also investigate chainline, as you suggest...

In that case, it is a cable tension adjustment and Alex's suggestion above is correct. Since it is only rubbing when you are in the outer rear gears, you can probably tighten the front derailleur cable a little and improve it.
Also, I think these shifters have a 'trim' adjustment, meaning you can move the fr derail a little without shifting it to the next gear. This is there so you can adjust for rubbing as the chain gets shifted in the back. Not sure about 9sp, but older systems had that.


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