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Chain question
Over the past few years, I have noticed that basically all the bikes I have owned/sold/ridden have all had chains that do not have a quick release. So, when I need to replace them, I have to get a punch and a hammer to take the chain off. Does anyone know the meaning of this? It has been bugging me for quite some time now because it can take quite a while to punch out one of the pins. Plus, then sometimes the chain is ruined.

Mass production negates the need for a quick release chain link.
1) As you know, you can purchase a bicycle chain tool to let you push a pin, remove the chain, and then re-seat the pin into the chain. Or use the tool to install a new chain.
2) Purchase replacement chains with quick release links. I like KMC.
Remember, if a chain is stretched too much, it has worn the rear gears to the point of damage. When I buy used bikes I almost always replace the chain & rear gears.
The reason is indeed mass production. It would actually be more expensive for the manufacturer to provide a q/r link, and greater liability as well. Do NOT punch out and reinstall pins on any chain that is designed for above 6 cogs in the rear, and even those that are for 5/6 only may have construction that makes reusing the pin unwise.

One of the best pages about chains:

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