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Fox FLOAT R rear shock -- leak
When I (shockingly inexperienced) tried to air up my rear shock, I learned there's oil in there, cause it spewed out on my hand. So now, I need to get the oil back in there.
From what i gather from specs sheets, it's supposed to have 5mL of fluid in the air chamber. How does one refill and pressurize it?
Is a shock pump essential or can I use a floor pump w/ screw-on head?
Should I be concerned about seals and other parts? This is the first time this shock has been messed with other than rebound dial adjustment and wiping down.
Is it time to overhaul the shock? How much cheese would I spend on that job?
Any knowledge and pointers welcome.
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your best bet is to to ship it to these guys @ Push Industries
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Thanks painkiller. That 130-200 bucks will be hard to convince my bride about, but I agree that it is probably best.
Anything I can try in the meantime, to test out, see if it works? Or is that just asking for more trouble?
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Fox Manual
Phone # 800-369-7469 for service. Maybe they can tell you where to download info.
Thank you also, 1F, I'll work on that.

All in all, looks like I'm going to sell this bike, whether I send the FLOAT off for rebuild or not. Sad
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I'll keep y'all posted on the shock.
Thanks for your input!
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May not need service. You may have goofed & they may have a simple fix to at least make it sell-able. A new shock on Ebay or Amazon isn't much more than the repair.

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