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Trike Bike Rims

Hopefully im at the right place i recently traded a bike for a 3 wheel adult Trike brand im not really sure of to be all honest i wouldn't doubt its possibly stolen since its all spray painted.

I'm unsure of what brand Trike bike it is in the morning when i have some sun light its going on 10 PM now so its too late to go out their are get a picture of what i need help with but i'll try to explain...

I wanna replace the rims on the rear of the 3 wheel bike they are i believe 24 inch rims they don't have a nut or bolt on the sides like most bikes do.

However i did see that their is a pin that is in the middle of the of rim where the axel is i had more luck basically pulling the whole axel out with the wheel on it if with the pin out of the rim.

Can any of you who own a bike shop or ever worked on 3 wheel bikes give me a guess on if i can just replace the rims on it or if i have to get the wheel with the axel replaced?

as i said in the morning i'll try to get a picture of the side of the rim so you can see.
But i can see that both sides have the axel i believe on the out side of the rim which looks like if i pulled the pin out the rim should slide right off.

Who ever owned the bike before me bent the rims and broke spokes on it i'd rather just spend $50 a piece to hopefully get new rims.

Fixing this bike up for my mom to ride with.
Your question is not clear.

Wheels are made up of rims, spokes and hubs. On most bicycles, the axle is part of the hub. At the rear of most tricycles, the axle is separate from the hub.

Assuming the hubs are 36H - which you did not mention - I would get these rims:
and some Wheelsmith SS14 spokes of the correct length.
Heres the pictures i said i was going to add.

[Image: Q0QQ5Ti.jpg]

Here is a screen shot of a here where you can pop a pin out using a nail
[Image: S5aKEiF.jpg]

My local bike shop claims you can't replace just the rims you gotta replace the rims with the axel on them.
From what I can see, it looks like new rims (the outer hoop) could be built onto those hubs (the center section of the wheel,) unless the hubs themselves are damaged.

However, based on the condition, it might be very hard to reuse the old spokes. Since it has non standard hubs, it may be tricky for most shops to do the build as they would have to use the trike itself as their workstand. Not rocket science, but non-standard as so a pain for them. You may want to ask that shop again if there's a technical reason it "can't" be done, or if they just don't want to do it.

The price of rims, spokes, and labor might be pretty high if you find someone willing to do it. If you can track down what type of trike it is, you may be able to get full replacement wheels cheaper. Or, sadly, it might make more sense to just find another trike for her. Sometimes fixing up old bikes can be very expensive unless you do the work yourself, especially dealing with non-standard stuff.

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