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Old MTB rims.....what brand are they?
I recently took possesion of a 1995-96 100 year anniversary model schwinn sidewinder. Ridgid frame, cantilever brakes, but I am curious what brand of rims it has. They are siler anodized, have machined brake surfaces. the only markings I can find is the metric size stamped into the rim near the valve hole. they also have a marking that looks like a triangle with the letters FL stamped in it. The rear wheel is cassette, both have either loose or sealed system bearings. the hubs are shimano parralax hubs , bothe are also silver. The true ness is still there, the rear wheel can use some touch up. I use it as a daily rider 10-20 miles a day. Get back to me if anybody knows anything about the bike.
I would say the FL is the brand, dunno anything else about them
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