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Fixing coaster brakes
Hi All - Trying to fix the coaster brakes on the bike my daughter outgrew so we can give it to the younger daughter of a family friend. However, the coaster brake is no longer working and I obviously don't want to give away something that is useless or unsafe. I'm not handy but decided to give it a try. The problem is that the brakes just would not engage at least not without turning the pedals backwards maybe 1-2 full revolutions. It really occurred after I took the wheel off to put on a new tube/tire. It's been useless ever since that event.

I started with these sites:

I got the thing apart. No problem there.

Here's the problem: How do I know/detect the problem? Not sure what can possibly be wrong with this. What am I looking for to fix? Do I really have to clean off all the grease to fix it? What is most likely to be the problem? From what I can see thru the grease, nothing seems to be all that abnormal from the pics I saw at the sites listed above.

Thanks for any guidance provided.

Jay; how about some pictures of the problem brake. Is the reaction bar connected to the frame?
Important to know the brand, which is on the hub shell or the brake arm. 90% chance the problem is hardened grease, but it may be a return spring on some models.

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