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Specialized Rockhard 29er in Cyprus
Hi To All

This is my first MTB since I became an adult (18 years ago) Smile

It is Specialized Rockhard Sport Disk 29er and i absolutely love it.

I try to steal time as often as possible (2-3 times a week) to ride it

[attachment=4976] [attachment=4977]

My last bike was a Giant Stonebreaker

Very nice. Big upgrade.
Now I think that Giant bike needs to become a grocery/utility bike. Cruiser bars & tires,front basket, rear rack lights etc... Full upright position.
Or cover it & store it for about 8 years 'till your child can ride it.
Nice bike! I love the mtb'er in training! I ride a cannondale lefty and one of my buds has Rockhopper and it is a nice bike. I like jef's idea for the giant!
Have fun with the bike!
Nobody ever said "I wish I would have gotten less of a bike!"

Cervelo S5
Cannondale F29 1 alloy Lefty
Trek X-01 Crossbike
2017 Trek Farley 7

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