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Shimano Derailleurs!
Hey I'm new here, and just signed up to ask a question regarding derailleurs from Shimano. I am in the process of trying to fix up a Cannondale Adventure 400, yea look it up or something it quite old. But anyways I was wondering if these the two derailleurs below would be compatible for the bike. BTW the bike is using a 7-speed shimano cassette.
Here are some pictures I took of it.
I realize that BikePedia is not the most reliable source, all of their listings for the Cannondale Adventure 400 (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007) say that it has an 8 speed cassette.... In addition, except for 2002, it came with a SRAM RD. 400&Type=bike

SRAM and Shimano rear derailleur have different cable pulls, and require different shifters.

What shifter is currently on the bike, and do you plan on keeping it or changing it? The shifter has to match the cassette and the RD.
By the shifter you mean this?

Just as an example.^
(05-27-2014, 12:11 PM)NuroKnight Wrote:  By the shifter you mean this?

Just as an example.^
Yes it is a shimano shifter.
We still need a picture of the rear derailleur area of the bike - your bike, not an example bike - to advise you on which derailleur to purchase.

In addition - it is HIGHLY likely that the derailleur hanger on the frame needs to be aligned. The tool to do this is:

Shimano also offers one at about 4X the price. Hanger alignment is crucial to quiet operation and smooth shifting.
The rear derailleur is a shimano. The front is a shimano nexave.

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