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6 Speed Cassette Question
Bike is a Fuji Allegro, with a Sun Tour Mighty-6 rear cluster according to the parts listing I found online.

The chain was completely rusted/stuck to the cassette ring it was on, and chains appear to be cheap online, so I'm replacing that.

If I wanted to replace the cassette as well, how can I tell which six speed cassettes would be compatible? Is that even an issue, or are they all basically the same?

I was looking at this one as an example: Shimano 6-speed
First of all, you do not have a Cassette; you have a Freewheel.

If your shifting is not indexed, you can use any 5, 6 or 7 speed freewheel. Personally, I have not had good experience with low end Shimano freewheels, and have had good experience with Sunrace. Both my WT and SR have Sunrace 7 speed 13-25 tooth freewheels.

Personally, if staying 6 speed: I'd go with this one:

And if going 7 speed:
Wonderful! Thank you. I also just found the Sheldon Brown article on the difference between freewheel and cassette.

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