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1 speed to 3 speed Schwinn Grey Ghost

It is my first post here on this great site. I currently have a reproduction Schwinn Grey Ghost. It is currently single speed, but I wanted to know if I could change to 3 or 5 speed? Do I have to buy a new rear wheel with a 3 speed hub or? I added two pictures of the bicycle.

Thank you in advance
Yes, of course you need to replace the wheel. Because there are no hand brakes you would need a 20" coaster brake 3-speed wheel. That may be both expensive and difficult to find.
What is your budget?

If you have a lot of $$$ it would be a cool project.

Here are some 3 speed with coaster brake hubs:

There are also IGH (Internal Gear Hubs) with more than 3 speeds, and the price increases dramatically.

I would just rebuild the rear wheel with new spokes - but I build my own wheels. Here in SJ there is guy that advertises on Craigslist to build wheels for $25- plus material.

I would seriously suggest getting a caliper brake for the rear wheel, and a drum brake front hub:
Many of the original Schwinn 'crate' series of bikes had front drum brakes.

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