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Noise coming from crank
Hi there,

There is this random clicking nose that sounds like it's coming from the crank shaft possibly. As I pedal you can hear a clicking noise as if two pieces of metal are tapping each other. It's kinda rusty back there as I had to leave my bike outside during the winter.

What does someone recommend I do?

There is simply no way to tell you what is causing a random click. If there is no pattern at all to it then there is no way to narrow down the possible causes, which are numerous. Try to determine if there is some pattern, such as if it sometimes happens every crank rev, happens more under stress, etc. You might also check this:
Start by lubricating things (chain, derailleurs, cables, etc.)
Check tightness on crank bolts, chainring bolts, pedals onto cranks, etc.
Pay attention to when the click happens (is it in time with your pedaling, in time with wheel rotation, only when coasting/pedaling, only in certain gears, louder the harder you're pushing, etc.)

It's probably a sign of something, but you'll have to do some process of elimination to find it.

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