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Hi guys

My rear wheel needs replacing. It has a freehub cassette body and I am currently using an 8-speed cassette with it. A replacement rear wheel is costing around £50.

On the other hand, i've seen a cheaper rear wheel with a freewheel body costing around £25 and I've also seen 8-speed freewheels selling for around £10.

Question is, will this cheaper wheel with freewheel body & 8-speed freewheel fit my bike? It is for a mountain bike by the way.

Thank you.
An 8 speed freewheel may cost you more in the long run - axles tend to bend/break. Not worth saving £10 in my opinion.
(05-22-2014, 09:47 AM)ibie1983 Wrote:  .....Question is, will this cheaper wheel with freewheel body & 8-speed freewheel fit my bike? ......

And the Answer is MAYBE. Not enough information provided.

If the O.L.D. (Over Locknut Dimension) is the same for both wheels, yes it will fit, and probably work ok. But it may need more servicing than your current rear wheel.

The real question is: Why do you believe that your rear wheel needs replacing, and not just rebuilding?

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