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Rear hub replacement to disc brake type
Hi, I have a Raleigh Tandem that I want to load and take on trips. I am looking at replacing the rear hub (Shimano FH-RM30 8S) with a matching sized hub, but that also has disc brake bolt holes. Can anyone recommend a replacement hub that will accept a disc and is also sized so that I can use the same rim and spokes. I don't need a super light or high tech hub, but would like something that can be rebuilt and will accept my existing rear sprockets/cassette. Thanks, Michael
Hi Michael;

You have not provide sufficient information to answer your question positively. The RM30 is available with 32 or 36 spokes.

Using the same spokes is HIGHLY unlikely because Shimano's hubs that are not disc compatible have lower (smaller diameter) flanges than are required to clear the mounting hardware for the disc.

So GUESSING you have 36 spokes in the rear wheel; this hub will work:

Now that you have a disc hub, how are you going to mount the disc caliper?

Also - do NOT use the disc brake as a drag brake - it will FAIL. If you use a 203mm disc, it will dissipate more heat than a rim can safely, but not much. Smaller discs are not as good as rim brakes. Most important is your braking technique. In the mountains, use the brakes in short powerful bursts, with long coasting times in between, and alternate between the front and rear brakes. Use your nose to tell if your pads are getting too hot.

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