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Shifter moves all the way to high gear by itself
Rear Derailleur shifter: Falcon Index System thumb shifter.

The high and low limits are set correctly because I can shift through all the gear with no problem. I just have to hold the shifter in place. If I let go, it will move all the way to high gear (small cog). It won't stay in anything but the highest gear by itself.
Your shifter is broken, or loose. No idea what type it is or on what bike.
Never Give Up!!!
If there is a screw on the top of the shifter, right at the center pivot point, you might try tightening that up a bit. On some shifters, this screw needs to be tight enough to keep the shifter from slipping to high gear, but not so tight that you can't move it. But a picture of the shifter would help us diagnose better.

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