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42mm Inside Diameter Head Tube
Hi Everyone.
New to the forum.
I have an older dual suspension mountain bike, a giant ATX900. It has a weird head tube inside diameter of 42mm, which puts it somewhere in between the old 1 1/4" standard and the 1 1/2" standard.
Anyone know what type of head set was intended for this diameter head tube?
You need a 1 1/8 headset. Google "head tube diameter" One helpful result: Also, just Google "42mm headset."

I've been able to figure out it is a now obsolete Microtech Integrated head set that never became standard.

It used a 1 1/8 steerer with bearings press fit directly into the frame.

The closest modern standard is a Zero Stack headset with 44mm head tube inside diameter.

So my options are ream the head tube out to 44mm or get a machine shop to make a custom reducer.

Anyone know anything about reaming? For example, how thin could I make the walls of the head tube before I weaken them so much that they fail?

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