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Faulty Shimano Gear pack ?
Hi all,
I have just joined within the last hour and this is my first post so please forgive any mistakes.

I live in Northampton ,In April this year I purchased a brand new Viking Prelude 2013 womens bike as a present for my wife from a well known company in Wigan.
On Saturday while riding the bike my wife had a puncture on the rear wheel . I took the wheel off and for some dumb unknown reason I also unbolted and took off the gear derailleur . I fixed the puncture and re-fitted the wheel and the derailleur but when I turned the pedal the rear wheel appeared to be stuck and likewise the cogs/chain would not turn.
After three hours of trying to fix the problem I took the bike to a nearby nationwide bicycle outlet. The technician looked at the bike and refitted and re-tensioned the derailleur but the rear wheel cogs would not move. He then again removed the wheel and took it into the workshop and inspected the gears, he then said that the Shimano gears were faulty/loose and needed the cycle needed a replacement gear pack.

Although the bike is still under warranty it would have meant having to send either the whole bike or wheel back to the company including post & package so I agreed for him to fit a new pack (£24.99p) which he did and after a few minutes hey presto the bike was working perfectly. He showed me the faulty gear pack and advised me to send it back to the company the sold the cycle. I later spoke to the company on the phone and briefly outlined the above.

The company have stated that they have never heard of such a fault but have agreed to inspect the gears taken off the cycle and if necessary send them to Shimano. The technician that looked at the bike seemed very knowledgeable of what he was telling me and I felt he was being honest!. I have enclosed a couple of pics which may assist. Do you think this is a genuine fault or have I been had over[ !!

Thank you all.
Definitely a faulty assembly. It is extremely rare.
Thank You for your swift reply , I will post the pack to the company who sold me the cycle.
I will post again once I have had a reply.

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