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Need advice on parts
Hi everyone,

I could really use some advice with my bicycle problem.

I have a Mongoose Tyax Comp Disc 2010 Mountain Bike that’s literally falling apart.
It needs new chainset (the middle ring is busted), new front derailleur (it’s broken, had to removed it), the rear derailleur is on its last leg and the same can be said about the brakes.

I would like some advice on what parts to buy so they are compatible with each other and the bicycle as I don’t know much about that kind of stuff.

This is the link to the specs of my bike:
Mongoose Tyax Comp Disc 2010

The most important thing is that it has to be cheap as I do not have much money. It doesn’t have to be anything special because I only use the bike for daily commute nothing else.

Just googling the parts listed in the specs, they don't appear too expensive. But a few questions/points first:

- What exactly is broken on the crankset? If the middle chainring has a few teeth that look like the end broke off, they may actually be fine. (this is a common confusion is why I ask)
- If the chainring is in fact damaged, you may be able to replace just that ring for less than getting a whole new crank. It looks like your has replaceable chainrings.
- Rear derailleur is pretty universal, you could use many different ones as long as they can handle mountain, 8 speed drive train.
- front derailleur you just need something that will fit the diameter of the tube it clamps to and is the correct "top pull" or "bottom pull" depending on which your bike takes.
- What is wrong with the brakes? If you just need new pads, that shouldn't be any big deal. But if there's something wrong with the calipers, you may be talking more serious money.
- Note that if you're changing the crank, you may also need a new chain, and then a new rear cassette as well. Just to worn you that these parts often have to be replaced at the same time.
- Any other issues that need to be dealt with like bearings, tires, wheels?

I ask all this because sadly, it can sometimes be cheaper to replace a whole bike that to put a lot of new parts onto an old one. If you just need a chainring, brake pads, and a couple derailleurs, probably not a big deal. But if you're replacing the whole drivetrain, major brake parts, getting tires, etc. etc - you may be better off getting something new or used but in better shape. (Fall is a great time to buy a used bike from someone BTW)

Give us more details or take some pics of the exact issues and we can try to be more specific in our advice.

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