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When to lube new chain?
I installed a new Shimano chain 2 weeks ago and before each ride I wipe the chain dry with a clean rag until no oil transfers to my finger when I touch it. After my ride, the chair leaves a black smudge when I touch it. So far all my rides have been in dry conditions

I take this to mean that the factory lube still suffices and I can put off,applying additional lube as long as the chain continues to exhibit an oily film after each ride.Am I correct in this reasoning?
Correct, the factory lube is excellent, and you don't have to lube yet. I suggest lubing when the rollers start appearing very shiny or the chain becomes more noisy, and definitely if it starts squeaking.
Agreed; additional wipe the dirt off the chain as you are doing now, them lubricate with a light oil (I use TriFlow - not the spray); run through all the gears, then wipe again to remove the excess.
I don't know how available it is compared to Triflow, but I always preferred Finish Line products. I found Triflow performed poorly in wet weather - gumming and squeaking. We used to flush it out with Finish Line.
Thanks guys... in the event I get caught in wet conditions the honeymoon will be over and regular chain maintenance procedures will commence.

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