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Shift lever won't engage
I have a shimano lx mega 9 speed rapid fire shifter. Sometimes to get the thumb shifter to engage I have to keep pushing it over and over again, then finally it grabs and it shifts just fine. Is this type of shifter repairable? If so where can i get replacement parts? What parts inside should i be looking towards causing this problem? The drive train has about 2,000 to 3,000 miles on it.

It sounds like your shifter may be gummed up on the inside. You could try flushing it out with some light lubricant like TriFlow. If that doesn't work, crack it open and you'll see a series of tiny gears and pawls (like a ratchet). If any of those parts are broken or worn you may have to replace the complete shifter unit. I can't find your exact model, but here's a replacement shifter that would work and you can order online. Your best bet might be to order a replacement through your local bike shop.
Update: I just made a video that might help.

You're awesome. Thanks for the video.


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