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Help with my Jack Taylor

New to this board so please go easy on me. If I've posted this in the wrong section (or even the wrong site?) I do apologise. Advice would be appreciated.

My name's Ben and I'm from Stockton-on-Tees in England.

I've recently purchased a Jack Taylor bike that was described as a 50th Anniversary model. Please see the photo's below.

This is where the confusion starts.

The serial # is 6801. This suggests it was built in 1974, not 1984 when the 50th anniversary was. My best(?) current hypothesis is that it was taken back to the Jack Taylor Cycles shop for some work in 1984 and this is why it has the 50th Anniversary decal on. Or perhaps it was built in '84 with the left rear drop out (which has the 1974 serial number on) being used.

Any ideas or similar situations cropped up? Any help or expert opinions would be hugely appreciated. Please feel free to ask any questions. The guy I purchased it from knows his stuff about bikes (his shed was a treasure trove of English classics) and he doesn't think it's had any work done to it. He bought it off a woman in Scotland.

Many thanks!
cool bike none the less, hard to tell from the pics offererd. I would say it has elements from a couple decades. the calipers look like a sc105 shimano groupo late 80's to 90ish. I would say it has been modified in some fashion
the pinstripe work around the lugs are not what I would expect from a Jack taylor. looks more like a rookie attempt but who knows. Why did you buy it and what are your intentions with the bike? What are the hubs and rims on the bike? cassette or freewheel and speeds, post some pics of shifters and such
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Hi Ben;

Allow me to solve all your problems Smile Just ship the Jack Taylor to me, and you will never have to worry about it again. Smile

Bob has higher expectations of the Taylor brothers than reality. Jack Taylor bikes look great from six feet away, much closer than six feet, not so good. Jack Taylor bikes were built to be ridden, not shown.
Ha thanks guys.

I agree, I've bought the bike to be ridden and that it shall be. The fact I'm also from (and living in) the home town of the Taylor brothers just makes it that little bit sweeter.

If anyone has heard of a similar story that would be great as I'm interested in learning why and how it may have ended up with a 50th Anniversary sticker, but otherwise I'm going to ride the hell out of it and enjoy it Smile

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