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Rear Gear Slips
Hi folks I am new to this when I select the 4th gear at the rear of the bike, the bike keeps that gear for a 1/4 of a turn before it goes into 5th gear by its self, How do I stop this doing this? Please help
I'm not sure if this is right, but maybe the gear cable is a bit loose?
Hope this helps!

I agree with Lawrence, it's probably the cable tension. Check this video at about 3:00.

Thanks for the advice I have another problem now, the bikes going back to the shop as the chain snapped while I was cycling home last night. Thanks for the help again

I have had this chain slipping problem on my recumbent SWB. I broke the chain once and have had slipping which gets progressively worse and noticed that when it begins to slip I have a link coming apart. I have a KMC Z9000 super narrow chain which seems to be problematic. Now if it slips, I check the chain and use my chain tool to repair the link. I just got a new chain and will put it on the bent and see if it stays together and use the other as a backup. I would prefer a little more stability with my chain.

You might check out these reviews on the Z9000 chain ...

Thanks artcat2. I had read those reviews... after purchasing my bent with the Z9000. Go figure. Anyway I replaced it yesterday with a SRAM and so far so good.


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