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Kid's coaster brakes working in backward manner
I know absolutely nothing about working on bicycles. My 5 year old son has a single speed bike with coaster brakes. The back wheel was loose and the chain kept falling off. I took the back wheel off and put it back on and the chain isn't falling off anymore. However the bike is operating in a backward manner. When pedaling backward, the bike will move...when pedaling forward, the brakes engage and the bike goes nowhere. I'm not sure what I've done or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You may have the chain too tight and it is binding. When the wheel is on right, the chain should be able to move up and down about an inch without too much force. Make sure the wheel is roughly centered where the tire passes through the frame. Also, on the left side of the rear wheel, there should be a little arm that sticks out of the hub and is strapped to the frame. Make sure that is connected. It might be helpful if you could post a picture of the bike.

I checked the chain as you suggested and I don't think it's too tight. I also did check that the wheel is roughly centered where it passes through the frame, and it too appears to look fine. I have posted two images. One of the left and one of the right side of the bike. I think I see the arm that you mentioned and it appears that it's that it is not connected. Would the arm itself not being connected to the frame cause the bike to function improperly? I just wonder why the brakes engage when pressing pedals forward instead of backward, but when pedaling backward, everything moves freely...

Thanks for your help.

April, are you pedaling the bike while it is upside down?

Yes, I was pedaling the bike with my hands while it was upside down. Why?

well, flip the bike over and pedal and test the brakes. it'll be forward. lol.

Well, having the bike upside down may have you a bit disoriented. If you pedal it that way then look at it like this... with the bike upside down and with you facing it with the front wheel to your right, turn the pedals counter clockwise. That would be forward with the bike right side up. Also, that little arm needs to be attached to the frame in order for the coaster brake to work correctly.

Wow...I'm speechless. Needless to say I feel a little silly. I had that bike upside down all day yesterday trying to figure out what the problem was before I actually posted here for help. If only I knew that all I had to do was to turn it upright, I could have saved everyone a lot of time. Thanks anyway for your help. At least I can tell my son he can ride his bike today!

There's nothing to feel silly about April. That's what this forum is for, to answer questions and help each other out. Glad to help. Just make sure that arm on the left side (when the bike is right side up LOL) is attached to the frame before your son rides the bike.


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