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What is this 103 decal referring to?

Please look at #5 in the link.... It's what I found on the fork while cleaning the bike tonight.... It's been there all this time... I just now 'discovered' it...

I did a brief search on Google and it might be an indicator of the type of tubing used on the frame? I assumed that it was a steel frame... Though this week when I pulled the crank pieces I found no rust in the insides, which I would have assumed to find in a 40-some year old bike... ????

As of this point, I'm thinking I have a Peugeot 1978-80 U09...

Farther I go, the more I find I don't know!!!

Thanks, as usual.....
Carbolite 103 is a low carbon plain steel (iron-carbon alloy) used on low end Peugeot bikes, similar to 1020. The frame and the forks can be different materials.
I does seem to be withstanding rusting nicely (internally).... Thanks for confirmation..

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