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Hitch for SUV (Two French Bikes)
We're in the market for a 2 bike carrier (Never owned one before) to carry our bikes: 27" Peugeot and 27" Gitane Mixte.

LBS sells Saris hitches for SUV (Escape we have has 1 1/4" receiver)

He suggests Saris Freedom

Should fit my Peugeot without a doubt,
but LBS doesn't know if Wife's 1970 Gitane Mixte will be gripped properly....

So I contacted company (Saris) and they are not certain either, but definately the Superclamp should be OK

I'm not certain I want to spend $400+

Questions: Does anybody have a hitch for 2 bikes that holds a Mixte style bicycle as one of the bikes? Which make hitch?

Does anybody have the Saris Freedom.... How do you like it???

Any other suggestions regarding a 2 bike carrier for 1 1/4" receiver, that will hold a Mixte or Lady's bike???

I buy quite a few bikes each year and can always tell when they are transported without care. Nothing will damage paint better than improper or cheap bike carrier's.
Some people just do not care and that is perfectly fine if that is what they want, it is their money. The style carrier you posted is a decent style in the fact that you can take precautions to help protect the frame from scratches. It will fit your mixte straight out or with the use of an add on bar that goes from your stem to seat post. All carriers have pro's and cons. I prefer roof rack systems myself, but for a hitch type I would go with the style you posted. Yes they may seem pricey but I have $600 or so in my roof system for my Mazda and I can fit 5 or 6 bikes in my Protege' when traveling on a bike run plus a couple more if I ad a trunk mount carrier.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Good to hear this... Thank you.

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