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How to Adjust Your Front Derailleur How to Adjust Your Front Derailleur
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Derailleur Problems
I have a SRAM front and rear derailleur and a Truvativ crank. I adjusted my front derailleur just like you did in the video. Every thing works great but when I have the front center ring and the smallest or largest rear I get slight rubbing on the derailleur. I can't get it to stop. I also adjusted the rear, works great except when the chain lands on the small gear it lands hard. Thank you.

It sounds like your front derailleur might be slightly off-angle. Try loosening the derailleur bracket (that attaches it to the frame) and rotate it a little until both sides of the derailleur cage (when looking from above) are roughly parallel with your chainrings. You might have to play with that adjustment a few times, but it might solve your problem. Let me know how it goes.
About your rear derailleur... what do you mean when you say it 'lands hard'?

Hello Alex, I haven't adjusted the front derailleur yet. I'm going to do it tomorrow. What I meant by the chain landing hard, was that when the chain lands on the small rear gear it sounds a little louder than when it moves through all the gear. Other than that It shifts good I adjusted the same way you did on the video. Thank you.

For what I've noticed, the chain can make louder noises going from certain gears to others. It depends on the differential between one gear and another. In shifting down the chain would have more distance to travel and make a little louder sound if the differential is greater between the gears.
I personally notice that in bikes with a larger number of gears - the larger number allows for finer and coarser differentials. Even compare with something like a 15-speed (5 gears on back)...changing gears is loud on it for most all of them. Just more distance to travel for each gear.

Why is it that they make adult bikes that'll generally work for 5'9" or above, yet when you pedal these same bikes they only work for someone who is 5'4" or so?

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