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Motocobene Owner's Manual
A Google search and visit to the company's website got me no where. Looking for an owner's manual for a Motocobene Fantom Cross Expert 105 Tiagra.

Anybody know where to download one?
Hi Eric;

Confirm that you are talking about:

I have never seen an owner's manual for a bike that I can recall. Shimano and other component manufacturers often have technical documents on their components that provide recommended torque and alignment.

What are you trying to learn?
I am new to this kind of bike and just want general information on changing tires/tubes, taking off wheels, etc.
Then check the videos on this site, go to the library to check out some books on bike repair, or Google what you are interested in doing. and are very useful places to start as well. The parts on your bike and the way they work are common to many, many bikes. A "cross" bike is also essentially the same as other multi-speed bikes.

If you purchased the bike online and assembled it yourself I would strongly advise you to get assistance making sure everything is set up correctly, both for proper operation and for safety.

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