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Motobecane wheel replacement
hello all!

i have an old motobecane roadbike, and have been learning that nothing on it is standard sized (relative to american road bikes), which has posed some difficulty when making repairs and replacements.

id like to replace my back wheel- can i use any wheel or do i need to find a french/motobecane manufactured one?

thank you very much for the advice!
Any similar wheel/tire will generally work, BUT to give complete answers we need more info - what model, how "old," what markings are on the tire? 27"/700c are the two tire/rim sizes, 27" more common on older bikes. If it's pre-80's then it's definitely a freewheel bike, but the freewheel may be French threaded, so you'd have to replace it as well, in which case you need to check the chain for wear.

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