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How to store spare tube/patch kit
How should I store the spare tube/patch kit/tools for my bike in case I get a flat while riding? A backpack won't work as it is too heavy and inconvenient. I was thinking about making a small bag to attach to the frame to store the tube/kit and wrench in, but I think it may mess with the way the frame pump mounts to the frame.

BTW, should I take a spare tube or a patch kit? I understand there are some times where a spare tube is the only way (i.e. blowout, giant rip in the tube, or the valve stem comes off) but a wrench (needed to take the rim off the bike) adds weight (although that doesn't concern me) and I really don't know how to take the back rim off without screwing anything up.

Any ideas?
-Garrett, Boonville, MO
You should carry a tool kit and tire repair kit with you. Spare tire too. Check for packs that attach yo back of seat.
Never Give Up!!!
George is referring to something like this:

I don't carry tubes or tools on my commuter because my route is close enough to public transit that I can get on light rail or bus quick enough and get to my destination with my bike faster than I could repair a puncture on the road. I do use thorn resistant tubes and tire liners for maximum protection.

On our tandem, we carry pump, tools and spare tubes.

Patching on the road is a LAST resort.
10-4 to that Nigel and the pump. Having ridden mountain bike patrol with dept of parks, I always carry a small tool kit , spare tube, some first aid items and a hand cleaner. I stop and help people riding the beach bike path. Mostly things like chain falling off and flats. The presta valves are a PITA.
Never Give Up!!!
Here's the one I use, and it holds a 4' chain & lock and minor tools... so it should easily do a spare tube and tools.

Looks a lot better than chain wrapped around seat tube...
I have a tool kit which is much larger than 3 tire levers..

One good reason for putting tools in a pocket is that you can examine then and make sure that all the tools are there.
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