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2015 Forum Upgrade
I upgraded our server to PHP and unfortunately it broke the forum's code. It was messed up so bad that I had to reinstall the entire forum software from scratch. The good news is we are running on the latest software. The bad news is we've lost some data in the process. Here are the details...

The Good:
  • User accounts, logins, threads, posts and stats made the transition.  
  • There is now a portal page to view the latest forum news.
  • Added minor features throughout.
The Bad: 
  • You'll need to re-subscribe to forums/threads for updates.
  • All thread URLs changed, so there are likely to be many broken/confusing links on older posts. 
  • Image attachments didn't make it, so there are many missing images in posts.
  • The attachment upload feature is disabled to avoid future problems. We'll have to hotlink images using free hosting services from now on. 
  • Veteran members (100+ posts) can now edit their own posts indefinitely.

I can recover some images manually, and I will be fixing as many threads as I can. Let me know if there's a thread you'd like me to prioritize.

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