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What's the difference between a Threaded and Threadless fork?
I want to know the difference between the two forks ( threaded and threadless) I'll be replace my vintage peugeot's fork because it got it bent in a car collision. I need a replacement but i don't know what mine is because i have no knowledge with specifying the two forks.

I'm guessing your headset is threaded. Here's a video that shows what a more modern threadless headset looks like.

Threaded headsets are called that because they thread on to the top of the fork. The stem then slides into the fork and tightens using a wedge. To remove the stem, loosen the top bolt a little bit and tap it with a hammer to knock the wedge free.

Threadless headsets simply slide on to the top of the fork ,and are fastened by a bolt on top of the stem that threads into a star-shaped nut down inside the fork.

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