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Grease coming out of just overhauled front axle
I recently overhauled the front axle and was successful doing so. Thank you for the great tutorial on it. However, I had to play a lot with the cone nut tightness as I have the q/r style. I have noticed that there is grease coming out of the wheel after some extensive riding this weekend. Is this a normal sign or maybe just a sign that maybe I used too much grease, or should I get back in there and try to tighten the cone nut? There does not seem to be any play in the wheel and also when I had the cone nut tightened more, the wheel did not spin very freely. Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like your hub is adjusted well... there should be no play and it should spin freely. I wouldn't worry about the grease seepage as a little bit is normal, just wipe it off and keep an eye on it.


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