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Old Normandy Hubs
I don't believe I've posted this before....
By dating parts, I know the approximate age of Peugeot... 
Front Normandy Hub made in 50th week of 1979, and rear Hub made in first week of 1980.

Trying same on Gitane Mixte that we believe is 1970-ish, with same Normandy Hubs and I hit a brick wall...
Stamped Normady, but that's it...

Searching on Internet for Normandy hubs I see only date code info as what I find on Peugeot.

Anybody hear of any other Date Codes on  Normady hubs?

Every now and then I try (again) to date code the Gitane, but always hit a brick wall.

P.S. It's 14 degrees and about 10" of snow remains... That's why......

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